The Equation of Love


So many times I have read articles regarding love. Some would discuss the right formula on how to have that right kind of long lasting love. But does love really has a formula?

For me I think not. Love cannot be contained by a formula. As every person was created unique by God so is love differs and vary in accordance to the uniqueness of the individual. Each person has their own point of view about love. There are so many different ways on how to feel love, receive love and give love. That is why I don’t really believe that there is a perfect formula for love.

But I guess there is a common ground, common equation to begin with the right kind of love.

Right person + wrong time = wrong love

Wrong person + right time  = wrong love

Right person +  right time = right love

Beginnings are remarkable thing. That is why the beginning of love signifies something remarkable. You cannot afford to begin with love in a wrong time or with a wrong person.

Wrong person does not only pertains to the other half, it also refers to you. Become the right person while waiting for the right one to come. In the event that the right person comes but then you weren’t equipped and ready for that right one — then both of you could be the casualty of the relationship.

Wrong time —  as the song lyrics goes “we have the right love at the wrong time”. Time for love, whether we like it or not, is something that really matters. I believe that love takes time. It takes time for you to grow and mature individually. It takes a process. It doesn’t happen in just a snap of a finger. But if you ask me how about those story of love at first sight or love that develops in a very short span of time. Yes, it could happen. Why? because, still, they both take time to mature and grow individually even while they we’re apart. 

So, right person and right time to begin with the right kind of love. But even with this, I cannot assure you that you would have a happily ever after. But there is a very high probability for a forever after kind of love.

Just remember though, no matter what formula or equation you have for love — if it does not include God then it would definitely fail. Because the most important thing for love and relationship is the foundation you both have with the author of love Himself, God. Don’t forget that!

With love,

Proverbs 31:25


Reply to an Open Letter from Mr. Right


Hi Mr. Right,

I just read your letter. And I don’t know why but something just happen inside my heart which I cannot really explain. I guess those words you’ve spoken just pierced through me. So I’ve decided to write you something.

Yes, you’re right! I don’t know who you are, I don’t where you are and I don’t know if you are who I imagined you to be. But  here’s what I got to say. Yes, I doubted that someone like you could still even exist. I mean, with what’s going on with the world today, could you still be real? I’m not being judgmental, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve seen a lot of heartaches and heartbreaks, even tragedies and even I experienced it myself. It was just painful and I can’t even imagine how I got through it. But God is so faithful. He came to my rescue. But still it took me quiet sometime to get over it. So I don’t really know if you could blame me from doubting that you could exist. But you know what, after all the years, God made me realize something. Everything I’ve been through was a process just as you said. A process I need to undergo to grow and to know how important it is to wait. To wait and to trust God that out of the seven billion (or so) population in the world, God is preparing someone out there just for you.

To wait isn’t really an easy thing to do. Sometimes it’s just painful and sometimes you just grow impatient. But here’s the thing, God taught me that to wait isn’t just merely “to wait”. It is more than that. Two things: First, to wait is really an act of surrender. Deciding to wait is the same as to trusting God on that aspect of your life. It’s giving your heart to God and allowing Him to watch over it, guard it until that day comes when someone would ask it from Him. Second, to wait is not just to look out for the right person but it is to become the right person. Becoming the right person doesn’t just rely on the other half. It requires the both of you to become right for each other because two broken people can never really mend each other. Instead, they’ll just keep hurting and hurting one another (and trust me, I’ve seen that a couple of times.)

So I guess waiting never really sounds that easy. But as for me, although it may be hard, I would still say yes. Yes! I will wait. I will wait  until the day that you would respectfully ask for my heart from His hands. I will wait until the day that I would hear Him say, “Yes, It’s him!”. I will wait until the day that we could pray together, worship together and glorify God together. I will wait until the day that we could grow together in our faith to God. And I will until that day when I see you in front of the altar, in the presence of God and all the people we love, waiting for me.

I will wait… because I know that it’s all worth it. You are not just my Mr. Right, you are my Mr. Worth the Wait. But until then, I will trust God with my heart. I will allow Him to mold me to become the right person. I will let Him prune me and do whatever He wants for me. I will allow Him to act and decide on my behalf. I will live a life of purity in every aspects —  in my thoughts, my body and my heart. I will live a life of worship, fully satisfied in His love. And I  hope, I believe and I know that you will too.

Until that day comes. Until it will be you and me and God in a holy matrimony. Until then, I will wait.

With Love,

Proverbs 31:25